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GROW A GIRL NETWORK has been in existence since 2006. Our goal is to serve girls around the world and we are doing that. We started in the state of New Jersey and now we have our first international location in Kenya Africa that 's active and thriving. There are serving 67 girls who are living in poverty and/or come from a single family home, yet they are growing. We have been a very powerful tool in various communities and now it's time to spread our wings and expand. We are giving YOU the opportunity to do so. You can NOW develop and operate your own 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization to deliver Grow A Girl Network programming to your community.



How Do I Start?


The goal of Grow A Girl Network is to be represented on high school and university campuses all over the country by independent chapters under the direction of trailblazing student leaders. Our campus chapters will host fundraisers throughout the year to sponsor girls at Grow A Girl Network partner schools, while spreading awareness and creating a dialogue in their residence halls, student centers, local communities, and of course, on social media.



Where Do I Begin?


Read through the Campus Chapter Requirements and make sure you’ve got what it takes – we know that you do. Fill out the Interest Form to let us know you’re ready. If your campus is eligible, you’ll be contacted by a member of our Campus Team to begin the application process.  Lets Grow College Girls....



Campus Chapter Expectations


  • Participate in the BE-BOLD BRACELET FUNDRAISER.

  • Host a Yearly Pageant during the spring semester.

  • Maintain at least two* active social media accounts.

  • Appoint one member to participate in monthly Global Awareness Program discussions.

  • Host two* events or activities per school year that are designed to raise awareness about girls’ education or development issues.

  • Respond to surveys from Grow A Girl Network headquarters three times per year.

  • Communicate regularly with your Chapter Mentor.

  • Send at least one representative to the Grow A Girl Network Conference each year.


Is Grow A Girl Network-CAMPUS Right for You?


  • You display a strong commitment to girls’ education and global issues.

  • You have a demonstrated interest in personal leadership development.

  • You are a highly professional communicator.

  • You are committed to remaining a student at your college during your chapter’s first year. (Please note that applicants who intend to study abroad, graduate early, or otherwise be absent from campus during the first year will not be considered.)



If you are interested in learning more, please complete our initial interest form for additional information about starting a

new network. We will provide additional information and work with you on the steps to complete the formal application process.

Applications are accepted throughout the year.  If you have any questions about starting a network in your area, please email us




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