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  • Girls are agents of change.

  • People assume that girls are being reached.

  • The cost of excluding girls are high.




A campaign empowering girls to BE.  BE BOLD.  BE SMART.  BE CONFIDENT.  BE BEAUTIFUL.



Being a sponsor of Grow A Girl Network, Inc means that you, your organization, or your business provide funds or support for a project or activity carried out by our organization to girls in the United States and in Kenya AFRICA.


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Suicide is the 10th leading cause of deaths among Americans and nearly 45,000 people died by suicide in 2016 alone. Even worse, more than 1.3 million people reported making a suicide attempt in the past year - these facts alone are why #ICU exist.

We have the same mission as most suicide prevention organizations, however there are many factors that make us different.

 By hosting events we are able to encourage and educate our audience on personal tools to keep one stable during emotional distress as well as daily practices that can support peers that may be suffering from suicidal thoughts.

The problem with suicide prevention is not a lack of resources but lack of resource support and awareness, and that is where we step in. To maximize our influence we partner, communicate, and support organizations that are actively making an impact in the fight against suicide. This is important because we are utilizing systems that have already been proven effective while having a fresh eye on how we can use such system to make an even bigger impact. If an organization is reaching a great amount of people but lack the monetary support necessary to meet demand, then #ICU will donate funds. If an organization is well funded and staffed but can’t seem to reach the individuals that need them most, then we would focus on that geographical demographic and curate a plan to raise awareness not only about suicide prevention but local resources.

In short, #ICU is important because we are willing to do the leg work to effectively save lives internationally, raise awareness, and support multiple networks whose vision aligns with our own. According to researchers at the Education Development Center (EDC), 10-15% of patients who engage in medically serious suicide attempts will die by suicide within 10 years; and surviving the loss of a love one to suicide is also a risk factor for suicide (keep in mind that 6 – 32 survivors exist for each suicide.) Being said, the work necessary to put an end to this suicidal plague will never truly end until we create an international culture that makes suicide prevention practices part of one’s daily practices.

I have had the privilege of working with and for Cheron K. Griffin in the past 4 years. Cheron has an incredible heart for young people, in particular young girls. She has an uncanny and very natural way of relating to them, and them to her. They are drawn to each other like magnets. As a videographer, I had the pleasure of interviewing some of these young girls, and heard testimony after testimony of how some were shy, retiring, with little social skills, or were without direction- but what I heard were self-confident, empowered individuals excited about life and the GAGN Program. Cheron is an asset everywhere she goes. This world needs her gifts and talents; and I feel privileged to know her.
-Denise Joyner
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