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you give her a chance to

Live Healthier

Delay Marriage and Childbirth

Resist Domestic Violence

Secure A Job

Earn Higher Wages

BREAK the cycle of



The thought of Grow A Girl Network was developed in the early 2000s by the founder and CEO Cheron K. Griffin. Griffin had a passion to serves youths and she did so passionately in the state of Alaska through Creativity Ministry of the Arts, a dance company she founded, and then in Vicenza ITALY through RAP TRAP, a weekly meeting with military youths. Once Griffin returned to the United States, she then founded CKG Ministries, Inc which served women and girls in the New Jersey area. After time and preparation, CKG Ministries, Inc received it's 501C3 non-profit status and then later changed it's name to Grow A Girl Network, Inc which allowed the organization to serve a greater and more diverse population of girls and women. Grow A Girl Network, Inc later launched in Coastal Georgia (2009) and in Kenya AFRICA (2013) and soon in Columbia, SC. Our goal is to be in over 300 locations around the world serving underserved and low-income populations and offering franchise opportunities to those who are serious about changing a world of girls.  If you are interested in being a part of something positive and life changing, you should be a part of GROW A GIRL NETWORK, INC. For More Information:

Grow A Girl Network, Inc is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization that empowers girls worldwide. Our mission is empowering tomorrow's communities. We understand that every woman has a girl inside and that every girl deserves a chance to flourish. We empower our girls to be leaders and life changers; entrepreneurs and innovators; dream catchers and record breakers. Our girls believe that they can conquer the world and do anything because the craziest ideas are the wealthiest ideas. All of our girls have a voice and need to be heard. They are great orators and presenters because they are taught that their voice can change a nation. Our primary goal is to build their self-esteem, in turn, changing the quality of lives in our communities, our health, and our socio-economic status. Changing the life of one girl decreases poverty, decreases teen pregnancy, decreases sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS. Girls are a very powerful tool who needs to be mentored, educated, and empowered. Statistics show that girls who are educated will give back to their communities and empower others. They will have healthy children. They will educate their children. And this wonderful cycle will continue.  Grow A Girl Network, Inc promotes the arts , wellness, and entrepreneurship (AWE). We teach our young ladies to thrive and flourish even in unusual circumstances. We believe that prevention is the key. We focus on prevention of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS; teen pregnancy; teen suicide; teen addictions; and violence amongst girls. We build self-esteem. We serve girls 10 to 19 years of age.


If you are interested in starting a Grow A Girl Network, Inc in your state or in your country, please email us at At Grow A Girl Network, Inc, we see the bigger picture.


Lauren Lockwood

Marketing Advisor

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

ReneeSunday, MD

Bereavement and Grieve Advisor

Atlanta, Georgia

LaShannia Patterson, MHA.Ed, MSN, BSHA/LTCHealth and Wellness Advisor

Atlanta, Georgia

Denise Joyner

Business Advisor-Planning

Jacksonville, South Carolina

Marvin W. Turner, JD MBA

Legal Advisor

Washington, DC

Xoliswa Moraka

International Consultant

South Africa

Di'Monet Griffins

Youth Advisor

Atlanta, Georgia 

Emmett D. Johnson, MSUrban Law and Criminal JusticeLegal Advisor

Atlanta, Georgia

Jane Wabuti

Grow A Girl Network Kenya

Kenya Africa

Arielle Shiver, BSHealth and Wellness Advisor

Atlanta, Georgia

Marcia Parker, MS in Education

Youth Advisor and Education

Atlanta, Georgia

Glen Reese, MBAStrategic Planning and Consulting


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