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"Girls stand at the centre of the international agenda as key drivers of change. Without a focus on key populations of adolescent girls,critical global and national commitments will not be met. Not only does investing in girls make financial sense, failing to do so is nothing less than planned poverty."


Arts and Entertainment is the passion of many people around the world.  Grow A Girl Network has always prouded itself in the area of dance; however, we are expanding our world.  Our Founder and CEO has ventured off into film and television and wants to take you along.  



Being a girl, young lady or woman can be difficult because of peer pressure, bullying, our past and the ills affecting today’s girls and/ or woman. Are you ready to have a better life and get fit by building your self-esteem? TIME TO BE BOLD and BE CONFIDENT



If you are interested in being an entrepreneur, Grow A Girl Network is definitely for you. To have a successful business you need to understand money, marketing, and the legal aspect of having a business. You need to have integrity, endurance, persistence, tough skin, and a willingness to fail.  YOU CAN DO ANYTHING.  Lets GROW some GIRL ENTREPRENUERS...


Butterflies are a beautiful species that has gone through a metaphoric state that has allowed something not so beautiful to become something beautiful. Through our years, Grow A Girl Network has mentored hundreds of girls who had low self esteem and minimum self worth. With some TLC and consistency of reinterating how beautiful each young lady was / is, we have built self esteem and increased self worth.  Grow A Girl Network is now opening its' doors to college girls and grown women who need to be encouraged, motivated, and equipped so they too, can encourage, motivate, and equip others.


Beauty starts on the inside and exudes itself outwardly.  The most physically beautiful woman can be the ugliest person inside which will also exude on the outside.   Audrey Hepburn quoted:


"The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows, and the beauty of a woman with passing years only grows."





My Grand-daughter was a part of Grow A Girl Network and I find that she improved in enter-acting with others, mature growth, talking about her future. You have to understand when I got my Grand-Daughter she was not holding her head up, she had low-self -esteem, and she was not honest to anyone including me. But once she became a part of this network, she changed. I bless and thank Grow A Girl Network for a job well done.


-B. Williams



Before I came to grow a girl I was very self conscious about everything But through the time I spent with different girls from all walks of life, I found the beauty in myself . Now I smile more, I have my own unique style and im always taking pictures. Grow a girl is a needed foundation in society today . Programs like this help to build the next sister up and not put her down . I am thankful for Ms cheron && her vision for a better society. -


-T. Waller



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